Consulting overview

Our network of experts offers two kinds of consulting

1. Consulting in implementation and use of constraint-focused agile operational leadership: launching the use of PEC (plan-execute-check) cycles in enterprises,
2. Consulting in resolving constraints which typically appear in today's high speed companies - like multi-project management (for instance in product development or engineer-to-order) or webmarketing (break through in conversion rates)

Consulting in implementing and use of constraint-focused, agile operational leadership

Our team of specialists offers workshops and assistance in launching, using and diagnosing maturity in constraint-focused, agile operational leadership:

                                                           Gerry and Jackie Kendall                                                                                               Owen Kemp       


   Andreas von Kaenel (Switzerland)                   Karlheinz Meyer-Schäfer (Germany)                      Alfredo Angrisani Italy)