You are free to download and use for your own purposes:

A trial chapter from the book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY - Chapter 5, "Five right"

This chapter offers an overview of the Plan-Execute-Check cycle for agile operational leadership.

The charts used in the book (50 MB, 95 charts)

Use them for your own purpose - presentations, discussions, coaching.

Template for one-page, constraint focused operational plans

Download PDF version and convert to EXCEL(R) - for instance with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Use it to design your operational plan step by step - from right to left:

  1. Enter short term and longer term operational goals,
  2. Define your critical success factors (the template contains two, if required, add more),
  3. Identify competitors' goals and plans,
  4. Define necessary conditions to neutralize or excel competitors,
  5. Identify obstacles for those,
  6. Define commitments required to overcome the obstacles.

Make sure to stick to the rules of success defined in the book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY.

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