Workshop: Constraint focused agile operational leadership

An intensive workshop for managers

  • Single or multiple companies
  • Max. 24 participants

The value we offer

  1. By developing your own operational plan you will learn the methodology
  2. By discussing the „how to“ you will learn how to lead operational planning workshops in your own job
  3. Individual „walk around“ coaching in workshop sessions


  • W=Workshop, with individual coaching by workshop leader.
  • Each subject concluded with Q&A.
  • Personal user manual operational leadership (book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY)
  • Personal workbook for goal charts, business ecosystem and operational plan

Session 1: Management’s goal and role

  • Just two tasks: To see the waves of opportunity and lead the company to ride them.
  • Operational leadership: the heart of business success
    • Operational goals and plans,
    • PEC (Plan-Execute-Check) cycle
    • Role of this workshop in managing a business

Session 2: Set the right operational goal

  • What are operational goals?
  • Defining the company or unit goal chart (W)

Session 3: Map the business ecosystem

  • Business systems view
  • Constraints
  • Mapping the business ecosystem (W)

Session 4: Design your one-page constraint focussed operational plan

  • What it will look like when done
    • One page
    • Focussed on constraints
    • Operationalized
  • Critical success factors (CSFs) (W): the MUST ACHIEVE conditions for achieving the goal (W)
  • Competitor’s plans (W): how "they" plan to achieve the CSFs.
  • Necessary conditions (NCs) (W): the goals of the "vital few" operational projects
  • Obstacles (W): what hinders you to lead the company to the NCs
  • Commitments (W): who must do what to overcome the obstacles

Session 4: Lead the execution of operational plans

  • Focus on the operational goal
  • Track progress in necessary conditions
  • Lead reliability

Session 5: Agile „check and adapt“ of operational plans

  • Two dimensions of operational performance
  • Refining the operational plan
  • Finding a root cause constraint

Session 6: Lead the PEC cycle

  • The OODA loop
  • Key events schedule

Session 7: Summary and conclusion

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