Project success - 

results as planned, in budget, on time - is the foundation of enterprise success 

Leading projects to success

1-day conference - Vienna (Austria) - June 13, 2018

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This conference is different

This is not a training in methods or software. Instead, experienced managers present and discuss the principles of leading projects to success:

* For project managers: These are the key factors of project success.

* For consultants (with their clients): How to introduce these principles

* For managers of companies or business units: These principles should be used in my company/unit.

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500 + 1 projects - and three success factors (German)

Wolfram Mueller, author of  MANAGEMENT 4.0. Developed, then managed Project Office at 1&1 Internet AG (brands: Schlund+Partner, GMX and Experience in more than 500 projects. Since 2006 coach and consultant in Critical Chain and agile project management at and

Only three success factors have survived the test of reality - but these make the difference both in classic and agile project management.
In this session I will tell the story about this discovery:
Back to square 1 - project management by manual - and why more people and more structure certainly will not deliver more projects.
How we learnt to love the constraint - the value of simplicity and clarity "all for one!"
Conventional or agile, doesn't matter - Why buffers are called buffers and how to watch them.
Self organization is not a bowl of cherries - Why there is only one traffic light on a turn, and what we can to with it "One for all!"
Multitasking is evil! - All only in our heads or what Amazon, Skype, Mazda and Bosch have already mastered.

On-line self-test (1 minute, German)
Test your level of multi tasking and potential of improvement in just 1 minute. The test has been proven scientifically in a study with 400 companies. Results and benchmark to other participants (anonymous) are available instantly.

Rapid results in multi-project management (English)

Gerry Kendall, author of ADVANCED MULTI-PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Gerry Kendall is a renowned international consultant who has helped companies improve project management worldwide.

  • Challenges of the multi-project environment: x department projects, project interdependencies, rapid progress required, keeping progress reporting updated, constant rescheduling, resource conflicts, difficulty to achieve results in budget.
  • Key success factors to deliver projects complete, on time and with fewer resources.

Success and failure in engineering to order (German)

Andreas von Kaenel, in his previous job as CEO of an industrial enterprise (no top management consultant) led the project "optimizing engineering to order". 

Engineer to order: top level challenge for manufacturing
  • High level of interaction with customers during design and manufacturing
  • Significantly higher level of process problems, than in serial production
  • Problems in design trigger problems in production
  • Frequent misunderstanding in product related data (for example: design, customer requirements, design changes, revisions) caused by multiple exchanges
Three critical success factors .. and what happens if we ignore them.

Success in optimizing web sites

Lotte Larsen co-founded mindberry, a group of experts in optimizing business performance of websites. She coaches businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises to lead projects to improve profitability of their web sites.

In her presentation she will cover the key success factors for consistent, long range profitable growth of revenue thru websites.

  • How to take a systematic approach to improve performance of your website,
  • How to identify the key constraints and resolve them,
  • Why research of user trends and rapid experimentation are foundations of success in this area.

Leading the vital enterprise projects to success: focussing on constraints and agile

Dr. Dietrich Legat, author of SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY. 27 year manager at Hewlett Packard. Since 2001 top management consultant in operational leadership.

Operational leadership defines the "vital few" critical enterprise projects and execute them fast and successfully. These are key success factors:

  • Set one single operational goal throughout the company - not tables of performance measures
  • Lead the company ecosystem - not the organization
  • Only launch the vital few projects (the ones with significant and proven contribution to the goal) - all others must wait
  • Compile the operational plan on one single page
  • Demand reliability in execution - zero tolerance for lack of reliability
  • Don't even think of delegating operational leadership