Four initiatives to break through

Four initiatives to break through

  1. Map your ecosystem
  2. Set your single goal
  3. Build your agile ready plan
  4. Spin your PEC cycles

1. Map your ecosystem

Foundation of business agility

  • Management view of ecosystem is the foundation of business agility.

Sustainability is unhindered flow

  • Sustainability of the business is set by the unhindered flow of matter, energy and information in this system.
  • In our accelerated times obstacles in flow must be quickly identified and resolved - even better: predicted and resolved preventively.

Much more than just the business's functions

  • All elements which support or hinder business success
  • Inside or outside of our business
  • Joining for the flow of energy, matter and information
Agile business management requires ecosystem view The ecosytsem shows the flow of matter, energy and information. Constraints limit sustainability

2. Set your single goal

Absolute focus

  • One single overriding goal: Sufficient income for today and tomorrow
  • Recognized as overriding goal by all
  • Valid throughout the business, for all income generating untis

Goal chart: Prime leadership tool for business agility

  • Every manager of an income generating unit must lead business agility by this chart

Goal chart | Agile managementprime leadership tool

3. Build your agile ready plan

  • The "logic tree" of critical success factors, competitors' initiatives, key projects and their obstacles and commitments
  • The vital few actions to be taken
  • Total focus on the essentials

4. Spin your PEC cycle

  • Plan for operational sprints
  • Deliver sprints
  • Perform quick reviews
  • Critically review closed sprints
  • Spin PEC cycle with key event calandar