Business agility for survival (Kotter, "Accelerate!", HBR 2011)

"The companies that get there first, because they act now, will see immediate and long-term success - for share holders, customers, employees and themselves.
Those that lag will suffer greatly, if they survive at all"

Culture change for leaders

The change required is a massive culture change for the leaders of business - not for the employees, but for the leaders.
Leaders need to learn how to lead by the seven principles and how to complement these with their traditional practices.
This culture change cannot be delegated to staff - the moment leaders delegate they will fail.

delta-T methodology: Lead to improve capability in seven principles

Leading this change means

  • To assess, on regular basis, the capability in practicing the seven principles of agile business management of unit leadership teams,
  • To identify the dominant constraint for progress,
  • To define initiatives to resolve that constraint and
  • To execute that initiative successfully.