The delta-T methodology for agile business management comprises seven principles:

The delta-T methodology comprises seven principles for agile business management:

1. Recognize business as ecosystem

View business as the system of people´s efforts to sustain the flow of matter, energy and information of a business.

2. Focus on one single goal, revenue

Focus on one single prime measure of agility.

3. Give priority to revenue generating units

 Focus on units, where the flow of money from customers becomes visible.

4. Select only initiatives resolving constraints

Allow only initiatives, which aim at resolving constraints to achieve the goal. Any initiative that does not resolve a constraint fails to contribute to agility and is a waste of time, energy and money.

5. Drive short operational sprints

Plan and execute short operational sprints to cope with our accelerating world.

6. Respond to change after each sprint

Adjust operational plans to refocus on new obstacles resulting from accelerated change. 

7. Lead the change

Determine and execute the initiatives to transform the business to agility