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The agile business management pace-maker

The PEC (plan-execute-check) cycle drives agility by taking the (agile-ready) operational plan through three steps:
  • Plan: Create the plan for the next operational sprint,
  • Execute: Delivering what was planned,
  • Check: Review every element of the operational plan and adjust to requirements of next sprint.

Active leadership required

The PEC cycle does not spin automatically - instead, it takes management effort to keep it spinning. The moment you stop driving the PEC cycle agility stops. (The DELTA T-Cockpit takes on a large share of the workload to spin the PEC cycle.

Especially challenging for multiple units

Many organizations need to spin PEC cycles for multiple units - like divisions, geographies or product lines.
In such cases business agility means to have each unit spin its own PEC cycle, requiring to manage multiple PEC cycles at once.

The DELTA T-Cockpit is designed to take over this management task - for an unlimited number of hierarchically organizations or even units set up in matrix organizations.