Upgrade mindset from hierarchy to ecosystem

  • Business is an ecosystem
  • Also, a social system (community)
  • Business is self-organizing
  • Purpose of management is business sustainability

Upgrade  mindset from scorecards to single goal

  • Single goal defines the business ecosystem
  • Goal requires necessary conditions

Upgrade mindset from process to constraint

  • Constraint hinders achieving the goal
  • Root cause behind a network of symptoms
  • Improving everything wastes time and money
  • Constraint focused management with logic trees

Upgrade mindset from top-down to PEC cycles

  • Traditional management too slow to resolve constraints
  • Agility is spinning PEC cycle (Plan-Execute-Check)
  • Agile-ready operational plans address constraints and obstacles
  • Faultless execution based on rock solid reliability and quick reviews
  • Leadership focusses all on the goal, spins PEC cycles and coaches