Agile business management


1. Focusing on one single operational goal

2. Designing agile-ready operational plans, containing the key projects to reach that goal,
2. Spinning the PEC cycle, taking the operational plans through a cycle of Plan-Execute-Check in short operational sprints.

Business managers must cope with two unprecedented revolutions

Traditional ("pyramidal or hierarchical") approach cannot cope

  • Too slow or unable up to recognize need to adjustment,
  • Too slow to adjust - set up project snd execute them
  • Based on wrong culture of command and control.

Management approach must now be "agile" - with five significant changes

1. From "Strategy first, then execution" to "One single operational goal first, strategy only where required"
2. From "Manage hierarchy" to "Manage far reaching network"
3. From "Brainstormed plans" to "Plans to resolve network constraints"
4. From "Annual/longer range plans" to "Short operational sprints"
5. From "Boss/subordinate culture" to "Agile team culture"