HANSPETER KOERNER: Critical chain project management

Founder, KOERNER Consulting




English, Deutsch, Francais


Wil, Switzerland

Industry competence

  • Industry and I.T.

Constraints I help to resolve

  • Speed and reliability of projects in a multi-project environment

Consultant Management Zentrum St.Gallen (MZSG)

At this renowned consulting group I consulted on constraint management - coaching business leaders and leading projects to develop businesses - both on-site and online

Multi-project businesses

My special focus is consulting to multi-project businesses.
They are challenged to deliver multiple projects or customer orders more reliable and faster with the same (limited) pool of resources.

Expert in Theory of Constraints (TOC)

I base my consulting to clients on my solid expertise in Theory of Constraints (TOC), in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and other advanced management methodologies.