HELMUT HACKNER: Agile SMB management

Managing partner,  Ihr Mehrwert/Your added value

The right questions count

Its' not the right answers that count, it's the right QUESTIONS!
Already at the age of 15, when leading a music band, I learnt that the audience decides which music is cool - not the band. Asking our fans the right questions resulted in more than 3.000 performance. 

The same strategy is vital for businesses in todays times of skeptical customers. Only by asking the right questions you can understand customers' requirements - and your own.

Only by asking the right questions you will always be two steps ahead.

Only by asking questions you create your future.




English, Deutsch


Vienna, Austria

Industry competence

  • Consumer goods
  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Telecom
  • Trade

Agile management focus

  • Digitalization
  • Innovation management
  • Management coaching
  • Multi-dimensional enterprise transformation
  • Sales and business development