HOLGER LIEKEFETT: Agile sales and marketing management

Founder, V3 Business Consultants

Experienced business manager

My educational background are natural science and psychology. 

Professionally I gained more than 20 years of experience in managing sales and marketing with international corporations.

Innovative methodologies for management coaching

As manager and leader I developed innovative methodologies and tools for coaching, which now are at the core of my services to clients  V3 consulting.

Recognized trusted advisor

What I enjoy most? Challenging situations - both professionally and personally.

Maybe the main reason why ym clients accept me as trusted advisor.




English,Deutsch, Spanish, Francais


Hamburg, Germany

Industry competence

  • Breweries
  • Community government
  • Consumer goods
  • Clinics, Hospitals
  • Education
  • Mobility management

Agile management focus

  • Business communication
  • Business development
  • Digitalization: Web, Apps, E-commerce
  • Kreation and innovation
  • Marketing and portfolio strategy
  • Workshops