JENS-UWE FRANTZ: Agile procurement management

Managing Director, FRAGE Consulting

Accelerate progress to results - not administration

This has been my personal credo whenever I worked in business and since I founded FraGe Consulting GmbH in 2019.

As commercial team leader I workd for a long time in production facility with a strong focus on autmotive standards.

Bottom-up experience in procurement

My special focus and interest always was on procurement, since more than 30 years.

In this key business function I worked bottom-up - from purchase clerk to procurement operations manager. This gave me deep practical experience, as well as a strong conceptual understanding of the value of procurement in a business ecosystem.

Agile procurement required

Acceleration hits procurement hard: non-durable product cycles, shortages on goods and services, faster changes in internatl and external requirement bring traditional management of procurement to its limits.
Upgrade of procurement to agile management is required.




English, Deutsch


Hamburg, Germany

Industry competence

  • Mineral oil industry
  • Components for industrial production (chemicals and packaging)
  • Services for supporting processes

Agile management focus

  • Strategic Procurement
  • P2P-implementation in ERP
  • Six Sigma / Lean - focus
  • Manufacturing & service sensitivity