LOTTE LARSEN AND NINA BORDET: Web based sales optimization

Founders, mindberry

How we became experts in listening to shoppers and growing web profits.

We discovered the power of user insights, shopper psychology and conversion rate optimization while working with pioneers in eCommerce and the retail industry.

For years we helped increase revenues for some of P&G's leading household brands at major retailers. We were among the first offline marketers to scientifically maximize profits with help of Category Management and Shopper Insights.

At eBay we constantly tested potential site changes on live users. Working for one of the split-testing pioneers allowed us to run tests with millions of users. This deepened our understanding of shopper persuasion, user segmentation and online usability and armed us with the invaluable skill of knowing what to test.

Over the years we perfected our methodology to understand and ultimately influence shoppers who otherwise won't purchase – BEFORE they leave a shop or a website.




English, Francais, Deutsch, Danish


Vienna, Austria

Industry competence

  • Industry independent

Constraints we help to resolve

  • User insights: Why website users buy and why they leave – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
  • UX Research: Improve effectiveness and conversion rate of  apps, mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Turn more of hard earned web traffic into quality leads and sales, resulting in significantly more people buying products, registering for an event or requesting a quote.