STEFAN RAFFL: Agile business management

Founder / Managing principal,  Wunderbar Ventures, LLC

Creativity and Determination.

Agile mindset, agile planning, and inspired execution with precision– we help you reach your long-term goals with creativity and determination.

Quick to assess new situations, we skillfully bring into play fine-tuned concepts and find the right solutions to work towards a vision of required results.

Less drama is possible.

You don’t have to settle for struggle. Better execution with less drama is possible.

Turn barriers into springboards for success.

Together we can turn barriers you face into the springboard to your success. Equally at ease in start-up and global business situations, we are on your side to carefully consider ideas with the end goal in mind and implement them in a practical and methodical way for a flourishing organization.




English, Deutsch


Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A.

Industry competence

  • IT Services and Solutions
  • Information Technology
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Partner Management

Agile management focus

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning and Leadership
  • Adaptable Capability Development
  • Leadership Coaching