THOMAS GELLERT: Agile procurement management

Managing Partner, FRAGE Consulting

Challenging traditional ways of thinking - and doing!

Two things have changed significantly in the course of my 32 years of professional life: the way wwe communicate and act.
In these changes are opportunities that need to be recognized abd courageously seized. That's why I decided to found FraGe Consulting GmbH in 2019.

Professional experience from the bottom up

My career was always characterized by changes and furtehr developments before I discovered my passion for purchasing management.
In all my professional decisions, from retail, through the military and sales, to purchasing, my inner drive has always been the exchange with other people.
For me, this is alos where the greatest value creation for companies lies - and purchasing is an essential part of this.

From purchasing to agile management

International trade and financial markets set the pace. Additionally, political and legal changes require a high level of attention.
In order to gain sustainable benefits from purchasing, it is important to put process and total costs above the single price consideration.
This requires a professional network with modern and agile methods to meet the challenges as a company.




English, Deutsch


Hamburg, Germany

Industry competence

  • Mineral oil industry
  • Food industry
  • Electronic retail

Agile management focus

  • Strategic Procurement
  • Procurement marketing
  • Global sourcing and innovation
  • Manufacturing & service sensitivity