Consultants support

To support consultants both when they start to practice AI-supported consulting and during their engagements, Delta Institute offers ”Assist as you go":

*We provide a personal "demo cockpit",

*on which we assist the consultant to create a "demo version"

*which is then presented to the customer in the sales presentation as a consulting proposal, and

*then support and guide consultants in their first customer project.

Our business model for AI supported agility consulting

To deliver hybrid agility consulting we work by this business model:

Our client

  • Transforms her/his business to top agility
  • Leads the enterprise by the seven principles of agile business management,
  • Receives guidance for leading with the delta-T COCKPIT  from business agility consultant(s)

The agility consultant

Joins the client´s top management team as interim executive with the mission as described before:

1.     To lead the enterprise to top business agility and

2.     If required, to lead selected constraint resolution projects

Delta Institute

  • Provides  license for the delta-T Cockpit to the client
  • Certifies hybrid agility consultants and
  • Pays commission on active licenses for delta-T-Cockpit

GLOBAL LOGIC, a Hitachi Group company

Hosts, supports and develops the delta-T Cockpit