Our business model

To deliver hybrid agility consulting we work by this business model:

Our client

  • Receives assistance from the agility consultant
  • And takes a company-private license for the delta-T Cockpit. 

The agility consultant

Joins the client´s top management team as interim executive with the mission as described before:

1.     To lead the enterprise to top business agility and

2.     If required, to lead selected constraint resolution projects

Delta Institute

  • Provides  license for the delta-T Cockpit to the client
  • Supports hybrid agility consultants and 
  • Pays commission on active licenses for delta-T-Cockpit 

GLOBAL LOGIC, a Hitachi Group company

Hosts, supports and develops the delta-T Cockpit  

Delta Institute supports agility consultants in three levels: 

In Level 1, we offer free introduction

to agile business management, the delta-T Cockpit and Business Agility consulting in micro-learning courses.

In Level 2, we offer certification

by providing

Coaching (for one client each)

·      Guidance to design one instance of the delta-T Cockpit

·      Guided capability diagnosis


·      A personal instance of the delta-T Cockpit for use by the consultant,

·      Access to the agility consultants library (user manual for delta-T Cockpit, presentations, capability diagnosis tool) 

In Level 3 we offer coop marketing

by individual presence on the Delta Institute website , and on our LinkedIn site and we grant the right to offer micro-learning course to consultant’s clients and prospects.