Project managers on time

Result: Goal achieved

  • Assist management in the four breakthrough projects
  • Agree to ecosystem view
  • Set goal and deploy to units
  • Guide planning - overall and units
  • Launch PEC cycles

1. Map your ecosystem

Result: Ecosystem agreed

  • Workshop
  • Coaching to agree on the ecosystem view

2. Set your single goal

Result: Goal is agreed and deployed to units

  • Decision for goal
  • Unit structure defined
  • Goal chart(s) created
  • Owernship confirmed

3. Build your agile ready plan

Result: Agile ready plans by unit, confirmed

  • Workshops
  • Log plans
  • Confirmation by obligation owners

4. Spin your PEC cycles

Result: PEC cycles live, in all units

  • Key event calendar active
  • Progress is logged by owners of goals and obligations
  • Quick reviews on time
  • Deep reviews on time