Hybrid consulting - the new paradigm in consulting

Traditional consulting

Traditionally, business consultants offer their competence person-to-client - in form of research, compiling information, condesing and integrating it,advising on setting goals and on defining key initiatives.

Hybrid investment consulting

Today, many financial institutions offer Robo-Advisors - software offering competence to investors for
  • Setting their financial goals, 
  • Selecting an optimized portfolio for investment, 
  • Automatically tracking performance and 
  • Re-assess investment regularly. 
Thus, consulting turns hybrid: to consulting comprising two components: 
  • Consultant's competency, person-to-client and 
  • Robo-Advisor's competency, advisor-to-client

Hybrid business consulting

Following the example of financial industry we offer hybrid business consulting, comprising two services to clients:

Business consultants' competency

Business consultants serve as executive project managers ("impact consultants") as member of the business management team.
Often also their competence is required to map business's eco systems.

Business advisor's competency

The DELTA T-Cockpit serves clients as business advisor by taking care of:
  • Setting goals throughout the organization,
  • Selecting the optimal portfolio of initiatives,
  • Trackin execution,
  • Spinning PEC cycles and
  • Tracking agility competence