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Consulting on agile business management: Different from traditional consulting

Deliver impact - not presentations.

Todays business customers want their consultants to deliver results - not presentations how results should be achieved.
That is, what agility consultants deliver with the DELTA T-COCKPIT: Impact - measured in successful achievement of the operational goal.
For impact they co-lead the business and coach to develop top competence in business agility.

Experienced in co-leading - not just recommending.

They recognize the business network's agility as ultimate competence for winning in this competitive world. Are competent and experienced in co-leading a business and developing its competence in agility.

Use the leading business agility engine - the booster of management productivity.

For agility consultants the DELTA T-Cockpit is the prefect business agility engine.

Role and what to deliver

Role: Executive level project managers

This is not classroom or workshop based coaching sessions, or coffee mug and baseball caps "we are agile".
Instead, this is impact consulting - delivering one single result: improved performance in the client's operational goal.
For success, agility consultants are executive level project managers, who overcome the lack of management capacity for agile business management.

Delivering: Co-lead the business

Focus on the operational goal

  • Define total operational goal and per units (single hierarchy or matrix)
  • Achieve commitment to operational goals by unit owners
  • Guide logging operational goals in DELTA T-Cockpit
  • Guide regular updates of goal comments

Use of agile-ready operational plan(s)

  • Prepare and lead operational planning workshops
  • Log operational plans in DELTA T-Cockpit
  • Lead confirmation of obligations

Spinning PEC cycles

  • Define and implement key event schedule (of quick and deep reviews)
  • Lead on-time updating on progress in obligations
  • Conduct quick reviews

Use of DELTA T-Cockpit

  • Manage units and persons
  • Assist as help line

Coach for development of agility competence

  • Identify opportunities for improving competence
  • Lead improvement initiatives
  • Coach management to lead
    • Focus on the goal
    • Development and use of agile-ready operational plans
    • Spinning of PEC cycles
    • Use of DELTA T-Cockpit