In addition to agility consultants our network also comprises carefully selected proven experts in resolving specific types of constraints/obstacles.
Often, they are called in where their expertise assists our clients to resolve such constraints - fast and effectively.

Lotte Larsen and Nina Bordet

Experts in resolving constraints/obstacles to web based revenue

  • Based in Vienna - Serving clients worldwide
  • Languages: English, Francais, Deutsch, Danish


  • User insights: Why website users buy and why they leave – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
  • UX Research: Improve effectiveness and conversion rate of  apps, mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Turn more of hard earned web traffic into quality leads and sales, resulting in significantly more people buying products, registering for an event or requesting a quote.

Christoph Theile

Experts in resolving constraints/obstacles to all issues based on emotions.

  • Based in Hamburg / Vienna – serving clients worldwide
  • Languages: Deutsch, English


Insights: Why do key employees – essential for your company success – loose their loyalty and engagement? To turn it around: which constraints/obstacles to resolve?

EQtex: Analyze the emotional state of mind of your key employees to identify the constraints for people development - deriving clear goals, priorities and consequent actions.

Leading the emotional domain: Based on the multiple awarded EQting® method and the Globe of Emotions® Leadership identify and resolve constraints to leading to emotional excellence.