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Active within their home countries and from there, worldwide - in alphabetical order:

Barbara Hackner (Austria)

IHR MEHRWERT - YOUR ADDED VALUE. Founder and managing partner
"Live your life by surfing your waves of opportunity"

As daughter of business owners/leaders I am used to discuss complex business situations, difficult decisions and clear focus of an enterprise.

For me, design, redesign and mastering the future are essential and challenging.

In the present - fast changing and challenging - economic situation I offer to contribute my experience and shape the future with you.

Thus, I realize my dream: to make the world of working more successful and prove that everyone can enjoy a rich life while doing so.


Karlheinz Meyer Schaefer (Germany)

I always was interested in using advanced methodologies in business management. So, I started to use agile business management when working at Hewlett-Packard as Director, Global Airline Alliance, from 1998 to 2002.
When retiring from H-P I received certification in agile business management with the DELTA T-Cockpit in 2004.
Since then I have co-lead and coached other businesses - for instance in Telecom and Medical Instrumentation industries.

Lukas Schober (Austria)

I founded and now manage Kalucon GmbH a leading boutique for enterprise design, specialized on design and implementation of "fit for future" business companies.

We support management teams to recognize strategic opportunities and benefit from these by focusing on customers and optimizing operational cost.

Independent of industries we help to innovate business models, strategies, digitilization and open innovation.

Additionally, I teach at several universities and found new companies focusing on business digitalization.