Hybrid business agility consulting - deltaT COCKPIT=Business agility advisor - Agility consultant role: Interim executive

Advice on agile business management

Our delta-T Cockpit acts as business agility advisor, advising business management in leading business agility – from starting to reaching and sustaining top capability.

delta-T Cockpit: the Business agility advisor 

To do so it guides to manage by the seven principles of agile business management

1.     To recognize the business as ecosystem

2.     To focus efforts on one single goal, revenue

3.     To give priority to revenue generating units

4.     To select only initiatives resolving constraints

5.     To drive execution in short operational sprints

6.     To respond to change after each sprint and

7.     To lead to change to agile business management  

Agility consultant´s role: Interim executive

Agility concerns the entire network of the business ecosystem. 

Therefore, responsibility for agility resides at the top of the enterprise, at C-level management. 

To deliver, the agility consultant needs to take the role of an interim executive, as member of the top management team.

Twofold mission

This interim executive has a twofold mission:

  1. To co-lead the enterprise to top business agility,
  2. To guide the use of the delta-T COCKPIT,
  3.  To lead selected constraint resolution projects 

As interim executive, the agility consultant leads jointly with the top management team, in sprints, with projects that are part of the top level operational plan. Sprint by sprint the team assesses the capability for agile management, identifies the constraint, defines the resolution project and leads the execution of such projects. 

In addition, the members of the top management team may select projects which address constraints, for which the business´s own expertise is insufficient. In such cases the agility consultant may take on leadership for delivery of such projects.

Diagnostic tool to assess agile capability 

Our agility consultants are equipped with a robust diagnostic tool to assess capability for agile business management by each of the seven principles of agility. 

Five levels of capability are used to calibrate: 

  • Level 1: Basic: Efforts spotty, goals set below market, some goals achieved, few plans on track, behind competition
  • Level 3: Performing: Efforts in many functions and units, goals set with markets, achieved in majority of units, at par with competition
  • Level 5: Leading: Efforts in most/all functions and units, goal set for leading market, position ahead of competition 

Delta-t cockpit provides information for such assessment.

Agility improvement project

Identify agility constraint

Assessing of agile capability shows, in which of the seven principles the business is most constrained.

Agility consultant leads to resolve 

The consultant takes leadership to resolve that constraint. 

The related agility constraints resolution project is then elevated to top management ownership by integrating it as CSF in the enterprise level operational plan. 

For illustration, in our example the business management team has agreed that focus on one single goal is most constrained of all principles and has defined a related project

Benefits for business managers

Business managers experience the following benefits from hybrid agility consulting with the delta-T Cockpit 

From agile business management 

Improve revenue

Removing constraints results in better achieng revenue goals.

Improve operating expense

Focusing on constraints reduces operating expense without contribution to the goal

Proven success

Executives testify business success with agile business management

From AI-supported consulting

Faster than traditional consulting – as interim executive the consultant is not constrained by day-to-day management,

Permanent guidance

As software as a service, the delta-t Cockpit is always at service, 24x7 

Lower cost of consulting 

The delta-T Cockpit delivers major part of consulting.


Permanent focus on results - not only now and then.

As interim executive the consultant is not kept back by obstacles of company politics or considerations of upcoming retirement

Essential benefits for agility consultants

From agility consulting

For agility consultants, hybrid agility consulting offers significant benefits: 

Upgrade to C-level consulting

Hybrid agility consulting exclusively serves C-level management.

Image as front runner

Offering consulting on business agility makes consultants stand out as front runner on the new wave of hybrid business agility consultant

Ongoing new business

Agility consultant´s expertise and "call-in expertise" of other members in the network continuously contributes value and speed of implementation

From hybrid consulting

Improved financial results

  • Non-billable travel time is strongly reduced, as most consulting is delivered on-line.
  • New revenue: Delta Institute pays commission on each signed up and continued license for delta-T COCKPIT

Front runner in consulting

First to offer hybrid consulting

New market

SMBs presently seldom can afford C-level consulting. Hybrid consulting with delta-T COCKPIT is affordable for SMBs.