Goal of business consulting

In any form of business consulting the goal is to assist the client to achieve sustainable business success as measured by the business goal. 

Traditional business consulting

Consultants´ role in traditional consulting

Business consultants take the role of advisors:

  • Based on their competence
  •  Advise on specific goals and initiatives,
  • Based on consultants´ own competency in research and compiling, condensing and integrating information.

Clients´ role in traditional consulting

Clients take the role of implementors:

  • Implement consultants´ advice on specific initiatives,
  • Using their own management tools.

Compare hybrid to traditional consulting

For hybrid business agility consulting the DELTA T-Cockpit is a Business Advisor specialized on assisting clients to manage by the principles of the agile business management manifesto. 

Clients´ role in hybrid business agility consulting

  • Using the DELTA T-Cockpit (The Business Agility Advisor) complementary to own management tools,
  • With the overriding goal of sustainable business success,
  • To implement the principles of the agile business management manifesto

Business advisors´ role in hybrid business agility consulting

  • Code packed guidance to manage the business by the principles of the agile business management manifesto.

Consultants´ role in hybrid agility consulting

Co-manage the business by a tailor made set of services, based on the Business Advisors code packed competency. For example:

  • Temporary membership in the business management team,
  • Project management, as „executive project manager“
  • Coaching of the ecosystem community,
  • Co-leadership of initiatives, etc.