6 minutes video: AI supported business consulting

  • Why? AI (artificial intelligence) disrupts traditional businesss consulting.
  • What? The delta-T COCKPIT serves - as business agility advisor - both clients and consultants for their success in agile business management.
  • How? Delta Institute offers assistance to success in AI supported business consulting-

The next megatrend in business consulting

Traditional business consulting has enjoyed steady growth over the past years. Its business model of delivering advice on business challenges – from strategy, M&As to advice on individual processes and software implementation.

Its successful business model is to in-source experts for consulting assignments, working inside business companies.

2020: Drop in worldwide revenue 

In 2020 this business experienced a noticeable drop in worldwide revenue.

Most observers see Covid as the cause for that drop, as it constrained the key element of traditional consulting, personal presence of consultants on client sites.

Financial industry  ahead

The financial industry has already tackled that constraint by brining hybrid investment consulting to market.

We believe that other consulting businesses will follow – converting traditional consulting to hybrid in many domains.

AI-supported investment advisors

As leading examples, many financial institutions, like for example Swissquote bank in Gland, Switzerland, have launched hybrid investment advisors. 

These are software solutions containing hard coded expertise for financial investment.

Advice in four domains

Starting from the investor´s goal and risk threshold

Such advisors propose an optimal investment portfolio,

Execute investor’s decisions and

Re-calculate the optimal proposal regularly.

Investment experts on demand 

Investment experts consult users when required – but the majority of work is done by the investment advisor software.


In consequence, the investor receives hybrid investment consulting, pairing consulting from the adviser software plus the investment expert.