Alfredo Angrisani

Professional experiences

Alfredo Angrisani - based in Bologna, Italy - has managed for over 25 years, through all company levels up to CEO, the distribution of industrial equipment service and parts (namely Toyota forklifts and lifting equipment), through dealer and agent networks in Italy and Near-East. In addition, he’s managed complex corporate and departmental IT and production systems in different fields of mechanical, housing fixtures and food industries.

Assistance in constraint-focused, agile operational leadership

He has assisted companies in Italy - both in their national and international businesses - in using the methodologies of constraint-focused, agile operational leadership.

Other services offered

With his strong background in manufacturing, supply chain and sales he offers focused consulting in demand-driven manufacturing, drum-buffer-rope and critical chain project management.


Alfredo studied industrial engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. He is a certified CPIM from APICS . His TOC certifications currently are in Thinking Processes with Bill Dettmer (2008), and Fundamentals with TOC ICO (2009).