Karlheinz Meyer-Schäfer

Professional experience

Based in Hannover, Germany - Karlheinz Meyer-Schäfer has more than 30 years practical experience in leading sales organizations - 
 in geographic and channel sales. He is specially experienced in leading worldwide key account organizations. There, he has used the methodology of constraint focused operational leadership for several years.

Coaching in constraint-focused, agile operational leadership

Karlheinz Meyer-Schäfer has assisted both German and international companies in implementing and using this methodology and in the use of the DELTA T Cockpit.

Other services offered

With special focus on assisting Chief Sales Officers Karlheinz Meyer-Schäfer offers - in addition to constraint-focused, agile operational leadership::
  • Executive project leadership services "on hire" for key change breakthrough projects
  • Peer-Groups for sales managers and, together with the network partner QRC Group - in Executive Search and - consulting
  • Consulting in implementation of goal-related and -focused pay-schemes