Surf the waves of opportunity

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Surf the waves of opportunity 11

The management value chain 12
Operational excellence 17
Chapter 2: Five right 21
Five tasks done right 22
Agile operational leadership 23
Chapter 3: Systems view required 27
An element of the business ecosystem 28
One function can constrain the whole 30
A living creature 33
Not just a money making machine 34
Chapter 4: Right goals 35
The meaning of “goal” 36
Goals in the management value chain 37
Causal connection of function’s performance goals 38
One single operational goal: sufficient income 40
Just one operational business goal? What about all the others? 42
Operational business goals for company business units 44
Operational business goals with the right content 46
Operational goals right for execution 47
Chapter 5: Avoid the traps of intuition 54
System 1 and System 2 55
Two deadly traps of intuition to avoid 55
Chapter 6: Right operational plans 60
Two purposes for operational plans 62
One-page operational plans 64
Autonomous operational plans for company units 66
Right operational plans for company business units 69
Operationalize the elements of operational plans 72
Chapter 7: Critical success factors 76
CSFs: non-negotiable conditions for the operational goal 77
Five rules for identifying the right critical success factors 80
Worksheet and operational plan 81
Chapter 8: Competitors’ plans 84
Our competitors – systems view 85
Ignoring competition – not an option 86
Understanding competitor’s goals and plans 87
Every minute faster than the opponent is an advantage 88
In business: The right things, faster than competitors 91
Three rules for understanding competitors’ plans 92
Worksheet and operational plan 93
Chapter 9: Necessary conditions 96
MUST ACHIEVE performance levels of the business system 97
Four rules for setting right NCs 98
Worksheet and operational plan 101
Chapter 10: Obstacles 104
Obstacle, defined 106
Physical obstacles 106
Emotional obstacles 107
Three rules for defining right obstacles 112
Worksheet and operational plan 113
Chapter 11: Commitments 116
Operational commitments: Promises for new system states 118
Three rules for establishing right commitments 118
Worksheet and operational plan 121
Chapter 12: All obligations confirmed 124
Chapter 13: Right execution 126
The entire operational team on one surfboard 127
Right execution: three tasks 129
Chapter 14: Right check 136
Deep reviews – tuned to the level of operational performance 137
Improving the management of obligations 140
Refining the operational plan 141
Finding constraints in the business system 143
Chapter 15: Right operational leadership 150
Leading our PEC cycles: Four leadership events 151
Key event No.1: The operational planning workshop 152
Key event No.2: Meetings 161
Key event No. 3: Quick Review 162
Key event No.4: Deep review 164
Leading competence in PEC cycles 166
Culture of operational excellence 172
Breakthrough goals culture 174
Team culture 175
Agile culture 177
Positive emotions culture 183
Chapter 16: Now, it’s your turn 187
Chapter 17: The DELTA T Cockpit 189
The tool to support and simplify operational leadership 191
Scalable, flexible, worldwide access 193
Thank you for teaching me 195
Abbreviations 197
Index 199

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