Chapter 17: The DELTA T Cockpit

Leading agile PEC cycles: a challenging task

Leading one's business to perform the agile PEC cycle (as described in the book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY) is a challenging task for managers. It means:

  • Reviewing progress to the operational goal (at least monthly)
  • Reviewing progress in each critical project (within the one-sheet, constraint focused operational plan), („quick reviews“)(at least monthly)
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the entire operational plan,
  • and its agile adjustment (at least monthly), and
  • the development of a company culture of high agility (continuously).

All of these tasks require high level management effort of leading and coordinating the efforts of the entire operational team.

This task becomes significantly more challenging when a business consists of several units (like product units or geographical units), where each unit for itself must spin its own agile PEC cycle:

The DELTA T Cockpit

Designed by experienced managers this software takes over as much of the workload for PEC cycle leadership:

It supports:

  • Setting the one single operational goal,
  • Developing the one-sheet, constraint-focused operational plan,
  • Reviewing progress in the operational goal and in the businesses’ critical projects,
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the one-sheet plan,
  • Agile adjustment of that plan, and
  • Leading the development of the culture of high agility.

Utmost simplicity and powerful functionality

  • The DELTA T Cockpit is a one-page software tool, with the same screen for all members of the operational team.
  • Scalable: from small start-up to global enterprises
  • Flexible: easy to manage reorganizations (splitting, merging, changes of accountability)
  • Easy to use: one single screen for all users, with only four widgets: (1) operational sales goal, (2) work desk of user, (3) level of operational excellence and (4) mailbox.
  • Worldwide access: for members of operational teams.
  • Software as a service: no cost for company internal I.T.

Three month free trial

Under guidance of an experienced coach (fee to be agreed) we offer the DELTA T Cockpit free of charge for a trial period of three months.

For more information please contact us. (English - German)

Where the DELTA T Cockpit fits in your own software tools

Businesses use three types of software:

  • BPM software - supporting employees in their execution of business functions (sales software, call center software, product development software, ERP software, …)
  • Dashboard software - provide „at-a-glance views“ of KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Operational leadership software - support managers to lead the vital business breakthrough/improvement projects.

The DELTA T Cockpit is an example of operational leadership software - especially designed for managers at all levels to lead

  • Agile PEC cycles throughout the enterprise,
  • In an unlimited number of hierarchical and matrix-units,
  • with high flexibility to cope with changes of persons, organization set-up and project details.