The business advisor

As the advisory element in our hybrid consulting the DELTA T-Cockpit guides to:

  • Set business goals,
  • Select the optimal portfolio of initiatives,
  • Track progress to the goal and in initiatives,
  • Re-assess the portfolio of initiatives after each operational sprint, and
  • Track competency in business management.

Set business goals

Guide to:
  • Determine prime operational goal
  • Deploy through organization: hierarchical and matrix units
  • Build goal charts by unit: Goal, actual, forecast
  • Apply quality principles to goals: seasonaility, hockey stick, product rollover

Select optimal portfolio of initiatives

Guide - by unit - to:

  • Design goal-focused portfolio of initiatives
  • Focused on constraints to achieve the goal
  • Design initiatives on robust analysis of causality ("logic trees")
  • Assign obligations (initiatives and commitments) to owners
  • Have commitments confirmed by owners

Track progress to goal and initiatives

Guide to (by unit):
  • Keep goal data - actual and forecast - up to date,
  • Log comments progress to goal and forecast,
  • Log comments on progress in obligations  regularly
  • Review summary reports in "Quick reviews"

Re-assess portfolio of initiatives

Guide to (by unit):
  • Critically re-assess portfolio of initiatives, down to the details
  • Decide on adjustments in portfolio of initiatives
  • Follow through on these decisions

Track competency in business management

Guide to (by unit):
  • Assess competency in business management
  • Track development of competency in business management
  • Decide for initiatives to improve competency in business management