The Business Agility Advisor

DELTA T-Cockpit: The business agility advisor

Guides management to implement the business agility manifesto

  • Overriding goal: Sustainable business success in our accelerated world.
  • Directs to apply each of the seven principles
  • For each revenue generating unit
  • Hierarchy and matrix organizations

SaaS on license

  • Offered by annual license
  • In three versions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise

Scalable from start-up to worldwide enterprise

  • Unlimited number of business units
  • Hierarchical and matrix organizations

Designed and developed by practitioners

Software platform for worldwide hybrid business agility consulting

  • Joint use by management and consultants
  • Worldwide access

Functions to recognize the business ecosystem and its community 

Roles and responsibilities in community

  • Set user identity and data
  • Set user position, roles and responsibilities
  • Assign users as project managers

Communicate in ecosystem´s community

  • Send messages to managers of units and projects
  • Send messages related to obligations
  • Send messages to selected user groups

Manage personal messages

  • Mark messages "pending" and follow up

Functions to focus efforts on one single goal: Sufficient revenue "for today and tomorrow"

Focus permanently on the goal

  • Display goal chart prominently

Set goal for entire organization

  • Set organization wide parameters for the goal

Log progress to goal with comments

  • Log actual results
  • Log forecasts
  • Log comments to goals, results and forecasts

Functions to organize for agility: Give priority to revenue generating units

Map network of revenue generating units

  • Structure units in hierarchy and matrix organizations

Deploy organization goal to all units

  • Set up goal chart and table for each unit
  • Define ownership of unit and goal
  • Assign project manager by unit

Functions to select only initiatives resolving constraints

Define optimal portfolio of initiatives

  • Organize initiatives as logic trees
  • Aim obligations are resolving constraints

Confirm obligations

  • Community members confirm ownership of obligations

For all units

  • Operational plans independent by unit

Functions to drive short operational sprints for execution

Focus community on sprint goal

  • Present sprint goal chart (in dominant position)
  • Present goal values and comments (quick review)
  • Present history of goal values with comments (quick review)

Deliver obligations impeccably

  • Four step obligation management process
  • Present obligations in personal workbench
  • Manage individual obligations

Functions to respond to change after each operational sprint

Complete deep review

  • Analyze and decide, plan item by item
  • Assign review obligations to community member

Deliver review obligations

  • Present obligation in owners work bench
  • Mark obligation as delivered

View history of deep reviews

  • View selected past deep reviews

Functions to lead the change

Track capability in agile business management (by unit)

  • Track capability in managing obligations
  • Track capability in achieving the goal
  • Track capability in agile business management

Configure personal book of plans

Reports on performance in PEC cycle
Reports on capability in agile business management