The business agility advisor

The business agility advisor

Rule based expert system (AI) guiding business leaders to manage agility of their enterprise.

  • Guides to manage by the seven principles of agile business management
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Scalable from start-up to global enterprise
  • Configurable for hierarchy- and matrix organizations
  • Designed for world-wide use

New software domain

Traditional business management software does a good job to assist management in its daily tasks.

However, the arrival of acceleration opened a new domain: Software for managing business agility.


Advises to manage agility by seven principles

In this new domain the delta-T Cockpit  is positioned to guide and assist management in leading by the seven principles business agility. 

Rule based advisor

It is not a traditional business software. Instead, it is a rule-based advisor guiding management to achieve sustainable business success in our accelerated world.

Software design principles

Designed by experienced business managers for use by their colleagues in the design of the delta-t cockpit  we adhered to the following principles:

Utmost simplicity: No line manager wants to use complex software. To be of value, the delta-T Cockpit was designed for utmost simplicity. Absolute focus on the task to do, no bells and whistles. One single screen presenting a simple view, and hiding the complexity of agile business management. 

Easy to use: Contains a rich library of frequently asked questions, accessible from each element of the cockpit. 

Flexible: Users can configure widgets to their needs 

Community focus: Independent of where members of the community are located, they cooperate on applying the principles of agility in their unit.

Scalable from start-up to worldwide enterprise: For an unlimited number of business units in bother hierarchical and matrix organizations.

Hybrid consulting: One or more consultants may serve multiple clients, combining the packaged competence and expertise of the delta-t cockpit, with their knowledge and engagement in tailor made support projects.