DELTA T-COCKPIT - The business agility engine

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  • Designed for optimal management effectiveness: only one single screen with four key widgets:
  • Permanently focuses users on the operational goal,
  • Manages agility-ready operational plans,
  • Spins the PEC cycles of all units,,
  • Measures competence in business agility -
  • Takes over business managers' workload.

One single screen with only four key elements

Designed for maximum simplicity the DELTA-T Cockpit shows one single main screen for all users. It contains four widgets:
  • Goal chart
  • User's obligations
  • Indicator of competence
  • Message box.

Permanently focuses on the operational goal

The DELTA T-Cockpit presents the goal chart of the active unit prominently.
This chart shows goal, actual performance and forecast and for each data point the explaining comments of the unit owner.
User may select options for the display of goal data - cumulative, monthly, quarterly, annually.

Manages agile-ready operational plans

The DELTA T-Cockpit presents each unit's agile-ready operational plan in the user-friendly "one page" format.
The causal (logic) tree of the plan may be viewed right-to-left or left-to-right, as the user prefers.

The example shown demonstrates a causality tree from critical success factors to competitors' plans, necessary conditions, obstacles and commitments.

Spins the PEC cycle

DELTA T-Cockpit spins PEC cycles for each business unit:

  • Displays status by element
  • Points out corrective actions required
  • Logs and reports quick reviews
  • Logs and reports deep reviews

Measures competence in business agility

As basis for managing competence in agile business management the DELTA T-Cockpit displays a unique indicator "Excellence in operational leadership".

This indicator summarizes performance in achieving the operational goal and delivering obligations in operational plan.

Example on left side shows improvement of competence, example of right side show negative trend in competence.

Takes over management workload

Agile business management: Easier said than done

Only four tasks to manage business agility? Easy? No. Already now managers don't have enough time to do their job. That's a fact.

Actually, manager's time squeeze gets worse by the day. More time management addresses a symptom, not the root cause.

Root cause is not lack of time management. Instead, manager's capacity to a large degree is consumed by work NOT defined by the manager himself or herself.

„75% of my time is defined by others“. Marcel Ospel, retired Chairman, UBS Switzerland"

DELTA T-Cockpit minimizes workload for managing agility

Designed by experienced managers for managers to take on as much workload of agile business management off manager's shoulders.