The business agility engine

Very different from traditional business management software

  • Purpose: Sustain business in our accelerated world
  • How: High speed agility
  • Goal: One single - sufficient income
  • Focus: Resolution of business constraints
  • Agility: Company wide PEC cycles
  • Organization: Independent units
  • Develop: Agility competence

The agility engine drives agility

  • Set the single goal, throughut the organization
  • Design constraint focused, agiel operational plans
  • Spin PEC cycles: Track progress to goals and obligations, review operational sprints, develop competence in agile management, report as required by users

 Setting the single goal

Functionaliy to build:

Goal chart

  • Goal
  • Forecast

Organization by units

  • Hierarchical units
  • Matrix units
  • Unit goal charts
  • Summarizing goal charts

Building agile plans

Functionality to build - for instance in team sessions - constraint focused operational plans:

  • Design plans as logic trees
  • One page plans
  • Assignment of obligations to owners
  • Confirmation of obligations

Spinning PEC cycles

Functionality to spin PEC cycles:

Track progress

  • Track and comment progress to goal
  • Track and comment progress to obligations

Review operational sprints

  • Quick review - ad hoc - of progress to goal and obligations
  • Deep review - after completion of operational sprint


  • Agility competence
  • Measured by indicators of operational excellence