Guide to only select initiatives resolving constraints

Principle number 4 requires to only take initiatives which resolve constraints.

All such initiatives compiled in one document constitute the unit´s operational plan. 

Applying this principle results in a unit specific operational plan containing the optimal portfolio of initiatives.

Our illustration shows this result: each initiative in form of a logic tree addressing an existing or foreseen constraint.

To advise on designing such operational plans,

the delta t cockpit applies and enforces the following rules:

1.Design an operational plan as logic tree addressing the constraint to be resolved or foreseen

This rule is hard coded: operational plans can only be designed as such logic trees.

2.View competitors´ initiatives as prime constraints

The delta-T Cockpit recommends defining constraints imposed by competitors.

3.Assign one owner to each obligation

Hard coded. Each obligation must have an owner assigned. If no owner is nominated, the delta-t Cockpit sets the obligation status to “alarm: Not assigned”

4.Set due date for each obligation

Hard coded. The delta-t cockpit enforces this rule: due date is a mandatory field for all obligations

5.Position obstacles correctly in the plan´s logic tree Also hard coded

The correct position of obstacles in the logic tree is enforced and mandatory