Agile business management (2,22 min) - Introduction to TOC for managers (31,5 min) - Agile business management (6min) - TOC based operational leadership (14,5min)

We use the term "agile" in many ways. Agile business management has a specific meaning: to lead an entire enterprise to continuous agility. This video is a perfect explanation of agile business management in just two minutes.

Agile business management (6 min)

A slightly longer presentation about the essentials of agile business management:

1) Why we need it

2) What is its purpose?

3) What should the the "agile business" mindset of leaders be and why is that important?

4) How can the delta-T COCKPIT help in leading business agility?

Introduction to TOC for managers (31,5 min)

Theory of constraints (TOC) is a powerful toolset for leading business processes, like supply chain or projects. 

However, its key principles are also a very effective framework for leading entire enterprises.

Surf the waves of opportunity - TOC based operational leadership (14 min)

A presentation for experts in Theory of Constraints (TOC) delivered in Tennessee, U.S.A., in which I present four subjects: 

1) What is operational leadership?

2) What is the best way to do it well?

3) How can business consultants assist their clients to deliver better operational leadership?

4) How can the delta-T COCKPIT assist both consultants and clients in achieving these goals?