Sustain business in our accelerated world

Why business agility management?

  • In our accelerated times business traditional management can't cope.
  • Instead, agile business management sustains the business.
Why agile business management In our accelerating world management mindeset must change to business agility

Upgrade to agile management mindset required

Four upgrades to agile management mindset are required:
  1. From rigid hierarchy to agile ecosystem
  2. From scorecards to single goal
  3. From process management to constraint management
  4. From rigid top>down planning to agile decentralized PEC cycles
Upgrade to agile management mindset Four upgrades required to business agility

Business agility consultants

Experts in agile business management

Co-managing impact consultants

  • Complement top management capacity
  • Deliver impact=results, not advice
  • Join client's management team in leading and developing agility competence

Worldwide web based consulting

  • Deliver impact consulting worldwide - over the Internet
Business agility consultants Agile management consultants certified to deliver consulting on DELTA T-Cockpit

DELTA T-Cockpit

The business agility engine

  • SaaS jointly used by agile business management team and agility consultant
  • Supports rapid upgrade to agile management mindset

Manages business agility

  • For the entire business and
  • For its units - both hierarchical and matrix organizations
  • Wherever these units are, worldwide

SaaS on license

  • Offered by annual license
  • In three versions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise
DELTA T-Cockpit - The business agility engine