Business agility management

Sustainable success in our accelerated world.

Seven Principles

Business Advisor Software

Hybrid Agility Consulting

Our world accelerates

Everywhere. Faster sales cycles. Faster software projects. Faster time to market. Faster spread of diseases.

Traditional management cannot cope

"Not nimble enough. Not fast enough. Not flexible enough" (John P. Kotter, ACCELERATE, HBR)
"Even the best of intended strategies have to be tailored to all kinds of circumstance inconceivable in their initial formulation" (Henry Mintzberg, THE RISE AND FALL OF STRATEGIC PLANNING)

Seven principles to cope with acceleration

Following the example of the manifesto for agile software development, in 2021 a team of experienced agility consultants summarized the principles of agile business management in the AGILE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT MANIFESTO.

DELTA T-Cockpit. The business agility advisor.

Advises management on implementing the seven principles of the business agility manifesto.

In the entire enterprise

  • For each revenue generating unit
  • Hierarchy and matrix organizations

SaaS on license

  • Offered by annual license
  • In three versions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise

Hybrid business consulting

Agility consultants assist management to

  • Achieve sustainable business success
  • By applying the seven principles of agile business management,
  • Assisted by the business advisorĀ“s packaged competency.

Typical services provided - Guide, coach and co-lead to:

  • Select and implement the goal throughout the organization
  • Develop constraint focused operational plans
  • Execute operational plans in short sprints
  • Develop capability in agile business management.