Agile business management - with the DELTA T-COCKPIT - for business managers and agility consultants

Business managers

How to lead a business to top agility:

Launch agile business management

In four steps

1. Set your operational goal
2. Map your business model/network
3. Desing your agile-ready operational plan
4. Launch your PEC (plan-execute-check)  cycle

Use templates for goal charts and operational plans

Free download of templates - ready to use

Video: Dieter Legat on agile business management

14 minutes video summarizeing the principles and challenges of agile business management.

Key terms of agile business management

DELTA T-Cockpit

The business agility engine.

  • Designed for optimal management effectiveness: only one single screen with four key widgets
  • Permanently focuses users on the operational goal,
  • Manages agility-ready operational plans,
  • Spins the PEC cycles of all units,
  • Measures competence in business agility
  • Takes over business managers' workload.

Agility consultants

Executive level project managers.

  • Different from traditional consulting: Deliver impact - Achievement of operational goal by focused agility.
  • Co-leading the business
  • Coaching for development of agility competence